“Counsel, the floor is yours”

Future Malian lawyers talked with ICC staff about international criminal law, in preparation for a moot court competition on international crimes


Use of online information sessions about victims’ rights

More than 60 participants attended the two-day online information session on victims’ rights at the ICC


Stakeholders from Palestine visit the ICC

The delegation from Palestine received information about the Court’s work through interaction with ICC staff 

Bangui TV Centrafrique

Bangui gets ready for the trial opening in the Said case

The ICC team in the Central African Republic talks about the Said case on the national TV Centrafrique, prepares for the trial broadcast

Billboards in Bangui

Billboards: a way to announce the start of a trial

Billboards announcing the trial opening in the Said case now visible in Bossangoa, Berbérati, Mbaïki and Bria

Media in Timbuktu

Meeting with the local media in Timbuktu

Journalists join in in the quest to share information about the Court’s cases and developments with the affected communities in Mali 

Mali civil society

Destination: Timbuktu

Normally based in Bamako, the ICC outreach team travels to Timbuktu, to meet with the affected communities 

Radio talks: The Court’s past, present and future

Live on air: ICC staff talks about the Court’s past, present and future

ICC staff remembers the Court’s first steps and talks about the current proceedings and the future of the international justice 


Pop up installation in Bangui attracts passers-by

Many stop at the sight of the big screen showing images from the ICC’s courtroom in The Hague

Bossangoa mission

Bossangoa: on the road again

Local authorities, civil society organisations, victims' associations and journalists attend information sessions in Bossangoa about the ICC’s work

Female magistrates and lawyers in Kinshasa

Refresher on the ICC for female magistrates and lawyers in Kinshasa

Female magistrates and lawyers participate in information sessions on the ICC’s judicial activities in the Democratic Republic of

ICC themed quiz

Nakoi Institute from Agboville wins the trophy in the ICC themed quiz

High school students in Agboville, Côte d’Ivoire, show their knowledge about the ICC and the Rome Statute 

Makerere University Rotary Peace Centre

Student talks: from ICC cases to reparations

Meeting the fellows of the Makerere University Rotary Peace Centre to talk about the ICC

Georgia civil society and academia

Arrest warrants in Georgia: Q&A with civil society and academia

The ICC teams meets with civil society and academia to discuss the Prosecutor’s request for arrest warrants in the Situation in Georgia

Gender equality, sustainability

Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

ICC Uganda team to visit victims’ communities in the north for an event aimed to keep alive conversations about sexual and gender-based crimes.

What’s next for the Dominic Ongwen case

What’s next for the Dominic Ongwen case

ICC staff meets with affected communities and journalists in Northern Uganda, talking about the next steps in the Dominic Ongwen case 

Journalists from Bamako

Best ways to present information to the affected communities

The ICC Outreach team and journalists from Bamako discuss about the best ways to report on law-related topics 

info session Man Duekoue Toulepleu Daloa

Extra chairs needed at outreach events in Côte d’Ivoire

Full house in four towns in Côte d’Ivoire during ICC outreach information sessions for affected communities

Day of International Criminal Justice in Georgia

Marking the Day of International Criminal Justice in Georgia

The ICC’s Georgia team celebrates 17 July with a local version of the Court’s “Life after Conflict” exhibit 

Info session Yopougon Abobo

Information session about the ICC attracts young and old alike

Questions on the ICC asked and answered as people gathered at the information sessions in Yopougon and Abobo 


Keeping the affected communities well informed

Infographics, animations and audio files with information in Rohingya are distributed to the affected communities in Cox’s Bazar to inform them abo

Strengthening the national judicial system

Strengthening the national judicial system

Training session for the Congolese Armed Forces’ General Prosecutor’s Judicial Police Investigators place in DRC

Information session in Shaumiani

The ICC team hosts information session for some 60 families living in Shaumiani

Around 25 people representing 60 families still living in Shaumiani, in Georgia, attend the ICC information session 


Local languages - key to understanding

ICC Outreach produced an animated series in Rohingya to bring the Court closer to the communities in Cox’s Bazar