Mission: Outreach


Mission: Outreach

Engaging with people most affected by crimes


A channel of communication

The face of the Court

A view into the courtroom for the communities

An interlocutor - to inform and to listen

Presence on the ground and at the ICC

Available at the Court’s headquarters in The Hague.

Building bonds every day

For the communities affected by crimes under investigation and on trial

ICC Outreach promotes access to justice for survivors of mass crimes and other members of the affected communities. Every day, Outreach keeps alive the dialogue with people whose lives were touched by the conflicts finding new ways to inform communities and professionals alike.



At a glance

Resilience. Innovation. Hope. Creativity. Spirit. Technology. Communication.

This was a year of progress for Outreach: production of innovative tools and activities, online sessions, social media campaigns, and electronic media projects. It was a year of the new images and sounds in service of the affected communities.

In the past year


outreach meetings and workshops


people reached


hours of media broadcast

22 000 000

estimated media audience



ICC Outreach works in sixteen countries, on four continents. No country is the same.

ICC Headquarters
ICC in Côte d'Ivoire
Central African Republic

No matter how far victims might be from the Court, the ICC Outreach acts as the extension of the courtroom’s public gallery. Why do we do it? People most affected by the crimes have the right to understand, to participate in, and to have a sense of ownership of the justice process.

The Court engages with these communities directly, in local languages. We talk, exchange views, respond to questions, address concerns and provide people with information to promote understanding throughout the stages of the judicial proceedings.

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Outreach uses different ways of communication to provide information on the work of the Court to the communities affected by crimes, but also particular groups such as civil society organisations, media, professional associations, students, academia, and community leaders, amongst others.

Field Operations

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Violeta Willemsen Curcic
Violeta Willemsen Curcic

Head of Outreach Unit

Greta Barbone
Greta Barbone

Outreach Officer

Caroline Maurel
Caroline Maurel

Outreach Officer



“Counsel, the floor is yours”

Future Malian lawyers talked with ICC staff about international criminal law, in preparation for a moot court competition on international crimes


Use of online information sessions about victims’ rights

More than 60 participants attended the two-day online information session on victims’ rights at the ICC


Stakeholders from Palestine visit the ICC

The delegation from Palestine received information about the Court’s work through interaction with ICC staff 


Headphones and camera on
Colleagues in CAR share their “how to’s” for engaging with communities affected by crimes
Info sessions in Mali
The ICC and the communities of Timbuktu meet: a first in the fabled city
“Timbuktu, fabled city of mystery, renowned seat of learning, city of the 333 Wali (saints) …”.A city that gave me everything and to which I am indebted; a city I visit frequently.
Info sessions in Mali
If we don’t have peace …
Mention Timbuktu, fabled city of Tuareg caravans and epicentre of the salt trade in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and the name never fails to captivate.