Vendors and the ICC

A range of vendors provide goods and services to the ICC in several locations where the Court is active: at its premises in The Hague and its Liaison and Field Offices in New York, Kinshasa, Kampala, Bunia, Bangui, Nairobi and Abidjan. Vendors interested in or already providing goods or services to the Court can find useful information on this page.

Becoming an ICC Vendor: The Procurement Process

How do I sign up to provide goods or services to the ICC?

Step 1: Register
Step 2: Submit an expression of interest for vendor opportunities for which you wish to be considered
  • Review the list of calls for expressions of interest, noting their description and closing date/time
  • Submit your expression of interest via the online form
  • If you are being considered for the opportunity, Procurement will contact you regarding the next steps

Calls for expressions of interest for vendor opportunities

See list of all tenders still in process or recently closed

Zero Tolerance Policy on Gifts and Hospitality

The participating in the procurement process has a "zero tolerance" policy and does not accept any type of gift or any offer of hospitality. The ICC expects ICC Suppliers not to offer any gift or any offer of hospitality. All items received from vendors, even of nominal value, will be returned to the vendor.

Invoicing the ICC: The Finance Process

ICC Electronic Invoicing System | Manual

Frequently asked financial questions for International Criminal Court (ICC) vendors

Payment will be processed per payment terms of Purchase Order to the vendor's bank account only if bank details form is submitted to the ICC.

Vendors Bank Information

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