Frequently asked financial questions for International Criminal Court (ICC) vendors

1.Electronic Invoicing to the ICC

ICC vendors (except field vendors and translators) may upload their invoices electronically in PDF format through the ICC Electronic Invoicing System

Hard copies are not needed.  Vendors may continue sending hard copies of the documents by post; however we encourage them to use this portal. Please refer to the manual.

Vendors may use this tool in their benefit as:

  • It reduces the timeframe to process invoices, expediting the payment
  • It improves efficiency; it is available 24/7
  • It is safe and secure

2.Invoicing requirements

Below information should be included by vendors in their invoices and/or Credit notes to the ICC:

  • ICC's name as Organisation being invoiced for the service/goods
  • Vendor's legal name and logo
  • Vendor's legal address and contact details
  • Vendor's name on invoice matches the vendor's name on ICC's Purchase Order (PO) and bank account holder name
  • Invoice or Credit Note number
  • Invoice date
  • Currency
  • Description, quantity/units for goods and/or services provided
  • Date of service(s) rendered
  • ICC's PO number

and to:

  • Invoice according to the line item(s) of the ICC's Purchase Order
  • Issue only one (1) consolidated invoice per month, per PO (in case that you have more than one PO with the ICC).  It means that Purchase Orders for services rendered and/or goods supplied several times during a month could be included in a single monthly invoice.
  • Show VAT amount separately indicating the percentage – if applicable-.  See item 4. VAT.


Exemption from taxes, customs duties and import or export restrictions

According to (i) the Headquarters Agreement signed between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the ICC, and more particularly its article 15, and (ii) the Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the International Criminal Court, and more particularly its Article 8, the ICC, is exempt from all direct taxes, except charges for public utility services, and is exempt from customs duties and charges of a similar nature in respect of articles imported or exported for its official use. In the event any governmental authority refuses to recognize the ICC exemption from such taxes, duties or charges, the vendor shall immediately consult with the ICC to determine a mutually acceptable procedure.

Accordingly, the Vendor authorizes the ICC to deduct from the Vendor's invoice any amount representing such taxes, duties or charges, unless the Vendor has consulted with the ICC before the payment thereof and the ICC has, in each instance, specifically authorized the Vendor to pay such taxes, duties or charges under protest. In that event, the Vendor shall provide the ICC with written evidence that payment of such taxes, duties or charges has been made and appropriately authorized.


4.1 Dutch vendors

Dutch vendors should invoice the ICC with VAT unless there is a specific agreement between them and the Dutch tax office granting the tax exemption.

4.2 European Union vendors

European Union vendors should invoice the ICC without VAT.

The ICC has been granted the power to directly issue the exemption under article 151 of Directive 20061 I 12/EG and article 13 of the Directive 20081118/EG.  This document is provided by ICC Procurement to the European Union vendor, together with the Purchase Order.  If it is not, please contact the buyer in Procurement Section, e-mail indicated on PO.

4.2.1 ICC's European Union (EU) VAT registration number -for EU vendors-

ICC's EU registration number, registered with the Dutch tax authorities, is 8109.56.822/00.N.

Please note that, being a not for profit / International Organisation, the ICC does not fall under a category of Dutch sales organisations, whose VAT numbers are standardly formatted as "NL#########B01".

As a result, vendors might experience problems when entering the ICC VAT registration number in their accounting system, receiving a warning that the number is incorrect. If experiencing the problem, the vendor can enter it as "NL810956822" or mention under a text field that it is an exceptional registration number.

4.3 Non-EU vendors

VAT regulations / requirements vary per country. When invoicing for local sales, non-EU vendors are expected to charge the ICC with VAT, unless there is an agreement in place with the respective tax authorities allowing a different arrangement or the tax exemption. In some instances, and provided there is a specific agreement with the respective tax authorities (e.g. Uganda), the ICC can claim VAT refunds.

5. Bank details

Vendors should fill out, sign and stamp the ICC's bank details form and return it in a PDF format to the Treasury Unit via e-mail address stated under "Contact us" in ICC electronic invoicing system to allow payment.

Vendors should ensure the bank account holder's name provided in the bank details form matches the contractual party name –vendor- stated on thePurchase Order and on the invoice.

No payment can be executed without this requirement.

6.Payment of invoices to the ICC

Finance Section processes and pays vendors' invoices per the payment terms agreed on the Purchase Order, which is usually within thirty (30) calendar days from the invoice date.

Only if one week after the due date of the invoice per payment terms of PO, the transfer has not reached the vendor's bank account, please contact [email protected]

7. Payment method, bank transfers timeframes and bank transfer fees

ICC payment method to vendors is by bank transfer.  The ICC pays shared bank transfer fees.  Any additional fee which may be applied by the vendor's bank is borne by the vendor and not by the ICC.  An automated e-mail notification from "[email protected]" is triggered at the same moment a payment is processed by the ICC.  The email contains an attachment with the details of the payment. This applies to vendors with a valid e-mail address in ICC's SAP.

Timeframes of bank transfers:

  • The Netherlands: one (1) working day
  • European Union:  two (2) working days
  • All other regions: from three (3) to five (5) working days

8. Contact

  • Technical queries ICC electronic invoicing system:  
    [email protected]
  • Procurement related questions:
    buyer's name who completed the Purchase Order (PO)/Contract. E-mail address indicated on PO
  • Bank details only
    [email protected]
  • Other financial questions: 
    [email protected]