Life After Conflict


On any given day, if you watch ICC proceedings, you'll likely catch witness testimonies or hear a lawyer representing victims' views in Court. Those accounts are essential to the judicial process. But for each testimony, we know there are hundreds, often thousands, who also wish to have their voices heard.

The Court is listening to those voices. Through ICC Outreach, we are there in the communities affected by crimes. We create two-way dialogue between communities and the Court. We inform people of the investigations and cases that directly affect them and promote access to justice for those who may wish to exercise their rights before the ICC. We also we hear their views and concerns, answer the questions they find most important, and hear their stories.

In gathering and sharing these stories with you, and with the survivors' communities, we hope to bring the people into focus. We aim to tear down isolation and stigmas, and replace them with strength, healing and empowerment. Here, survivors can tell their stories in their own voices. Civil society and community leaders show how to offer support and be agents of change. These stories only make us more determined to work with people affected by crimes and do our part to promote access to justice.

Share these stories. Help us build a more just world.