​"I don't have hands, but my legs are working well" jokes Alphonse, 25. Alphonse was 17 years old when he lost both his hands to a granade explosion. He was visiting his friend whose father was a deceased militiaman. There were still weapons and ammunition piled in their home after the father's death. Alphonse's friend took him into the room with ammunition and threw a granade at him to have him catch it playfully. That's when the granade exploded and Alphonse had realized that both his hands were blown off and only attached by nerves. His abdomen was also injured in the blast and his intestines fell out. Alphonse was nursed back to health by his parents, who have since passed on. After several surgeries and years of recuperation Alphonse moved to Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, to start a new life.
Alphonse's bible class in Abidjan.
Alphonse is training to be an athlete and attends bible classes during the day.

Photo: Rena Effendi for the ICC #LifeAfterConflict - Stories as told to ICC Outreach @renaeffendiphoto