Gervais and his family have lived in Boy Rabe, Central African Republic, all their lives. During the crisis, as violence broke out in Boy Rabe, he was home with his wife, Chancelle. He sent her off with the children to hide inside the local church. Armed men approached him asking if he was Anti-Balaka, he told them that he was not, but they still shot him in the face.
​The bullet entered under his ear and passed through his skull exiting through his eye. He fell down and lay for hours bleeding and unconscious until his sister discovered him and rushed him to the hospital. On the way to the hospital they had to pass a checkpoint where they were questioned again, but his sister managed to convince the men to let them through
Gervais survived and recovered, but he lost his eye. In spite of his injuries, he continues to work as a carpenter making chairs, window and door frames for the people in his neighborhood. He is the only breadwinner for his family and takes pride in his work. Gervais and Chancelle with their children Dorcas, Christelle, Adora and Gabriella

Photo: Rena Effendi for the ICC #LifeAfterConflict