Paul, 23, tells of how he spent his youth running from attacks by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).
When he was nine and a half, he was finally caught, hiding under his bed. His father and brother were left behind, but he was taken.
He spent 2 years in the bush, in captivity. The commanding officers forced him to commit horrendous acts.
Returning home, he found support from his family.
He helps his mother and brothers when they go out to farm.
They grow cereals, potatoes, beans, vegetables and cassava, first to eat themselves, but also to sell in order to pay for school fees.
Paul's father, Felix, was an English teacher at the local primary school.
He has since retired.
Reflecting on Paul's abduction by the LRA, his father said: "I felt badly. But there was nothing I could do to protect him. That level of armed violence is beyond my capacity. If it were a snake, maybe. Even a leopard. But armed rebels? They'd already overrun the army. I am a teacher. What could I do?"

Photo: Pete Muller for the ICC #LifeAfterConflict