​Meet Inga (center), business woman and IDP. She sits together with her daughter-in-law, Mariam, her two grandchildren, and her daughter-in-law's friend at her home in the Koda settlement outside Tbilisi, the Republic of Georgia. This family, along with many others, were resettled in a dilapidated former military barracks following the 2008 conflict.
​Inga started a raspberry garden on her small plot in the settlement as a form of micro enterprise. With hard work and support from foundations, she has since grown the business as a means of income for her family. As a result of installing an irrigation system, she has increased her crop yield 5 fold. She is hoping to begin the process of exporting her berries to markets outside Georgia.
​Petia helps pick raspberries in the garden that his wife, Inga, started in the Koda IDP settlement outside Tbilisi.

Photo: Pete Muller for the ICC #LifeAfterConflict - Stories as told to ICC Outreach @pete_k_muller