Central African Republic

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In the Central African Republic, Outreach focuses on access to justice through access to information, on meeting affected communities, on peace and reconciliation. The work of the Court is made public especially through screenings, urban intervention campaigns, and pop-up installations.

A number of outreach activities were conducted in 2022, including in relation to the arrest and first appearance of Mr Maxime Jeoffroy Eli Mokom Gawaka, the confirmation of charges against Mr Mahamat Saïd Abdel Kani, the issuance of the public redacted version of the warrant of arrest for Mr Mahamat Nouradine Adam, and progress in the trial of Alfred Yekatom and Patrice-Edouard Ngaïssona.

The Court’s country office featured a live broadcast of the hearings on the confirmation of charges against Mr Saïd on TV Centrafrique, a radio station providing national coverage, and a live streaming activity took place in the 4ème Arrondissement of Bangui, an area of interest in terms of victim communities.

The country office continued its “urban intervention campaign” (involving the use of roadside billboards to announce key judicial events and reinforce justice-related principles), the series of pop-up installations in key symbolic locations in Bangui showing proceedings-related videos followed by a Q&A session, and Le Grand Débat sur la Justice (a radio-based justice dialogue to address concerns and questions about the ICC).

Outreach activities were conducted in Bria, the birthplace and place of arrest of Mr Mokom; Birao, the place of arrest of Mr Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman (“Ali Kushayb”); Mbaïki (twice), Mr Yekatom’s area of influence; Boda; Carnot; Bouar; Yaloké; Bossangoa (twice), the birthplace of Mr Yekatom and Mr Mokom; and Berbérati.

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Bangui TV Centrafrique

Bangui gets ready for the trial opening in the Said case

The ICC team in the Central African Republic talks about the Said case on the national TV Centrafrique, prepares for the trial broadcast

Billboards in Bangui

Billboards: a way to announce the start of a trial

Billboards announcing the trial opening in the Said case now visible in Bossangoa, Berbérati, Mbaïki and Bria


Pop up installation in Bangui attracts passers-by

Many stop at the sight of the big screen showing images from the ICC’s courtroom in The Hague


Headphones and camera on
Colleagues in CAR share their “how to’s” for engaging with communities affected by crimes
Access to information, no matter the distance
Access to information, no matter the distance
It seemed as if the odds were against the public following the trial.
Smiles in Carnot
Smiles in Carnot
Carnot is the third of the four towns we planned to visit during our three-week long mission.