In Focus

In Mali, Outreach focuses on informing the affected communities, media, civil society and community leaders, as well as international partners, especially in Bamako and Timbuktu, on the developments in the proceedings in the Al Hassan case and the past proceedings in the Al Mahdi case. The general public is kept informed through the dissemination of radio and television programs as well as interviews to the media.

In 2022, outreach activities were boosted by the gradual integration of two members of staff, one international and one local, into the country office in Mali. The presence of a dedicated outreach team made it possible to carry out public activities relating to the Court’s work in Mali with the media and the affected communities. In particular, in the context of the opening of the Defence case in Al Hassan, the outreach team conducted several sessions with the media, civil society and local and religious authorities in Timbuktu and Bamako in a precarious security context. These meetings were also an opportunity to further disseminate the video of Mr Al Mahdi’s admission of guilt, as instructed by the Chamber in this case.

Outreach staff also conducted a number of meetings and information sessions with the international and local professional communities, participated in a conference about the ICC organized on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Court and continued to disseminate information about the Court and the Al Hassan case to stakeholders on the ground.




“Counsel, the floor is yours”

Future Malian lawyers talked with ICC staff about international criminal law, in preparation for a moot court competition on international crimes

Media in Timbuktu

Meeting with the local media in Timbuktu

Journalists join in in the quest to share information about the Court’s cases and developments with the affected communities in Mali 

Mali civil society

Destination: Timbuktu

Normally based in Bamako, the ICC outreach team travels to Timbuktu, to meet with the affected communities 


Info sessions in Mali
The ICC and the communities of Timbuktu meet: a first in the fabled city
“Timbuktu, fabled city of mystery, renowned seat of learning, city of the 333 Wali (saints) …”.A city that gave me everything and to which I am indebted; a city I visit frequently.
Info sessions in Mali
If we don’t have peace …
Mention Timbuktu, fabled city of Tuareg caravans and epicentre of the salt trade in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and the name never fails to captivate.