Communiqué de presse: 6 juillet 2006

Statement by Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo


The Office of the Prosecutor has been investigating the LRA for two years, collecting information from many sources. We expect our evidence to show that the LRA systematically committed crimes against the civilian population, including abducting children to use them as soldiers and sex slaves. We also have evidence that rapes were committed directly by the LRA commanders.     

 After carefully reviewing the evidence, the judges issued arrest warrants against Joseph Kony, Vincent Otti, Okot Odhiambo, Raska Lukwiya and Dominic Ongwen for crimes against humanity and war crimes.

While the current situation is delicate, we believe that peace and justice can work together.  The negotiations currently taking place are partially a result of pressure from the ICC arrest warrants. However, we are concerned that the LRA may once again be using this time to reorganize and rearm.

We continue to monitor any support to the LRA and are working to stop it. Uganda, DRC and Sudan have an obligation to execute the arrest warrants and the international community has a duty to assist these efforts.

We believe the best way to stop the conflict and restore security to the region is to arrest the top leaders. The LRA is an involuntary army and the majority of the fighters are formerly abducted children. Arresting the top leaders is the best way to ensure that these crimes are stopped and not exported to other countries.

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Source: Bureau du Procureur

Source: Bureau du Procureur | Contact: [email protected]