Communiqué de presse: 3 juillet 2009

ICC - Kenyan High-Level Delegation meets ICC Prosecutor

Signing of agreed minutes of meeting on 3 July 2009 by (from left to right): James Orengo, Kenyan Minister of Lands; the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno Ocampo; Mutula Kilonzo, the Kenyan Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs; and Amos Wako, the Kenyan Attorney General
A high level delegation from Kenya met with ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo today to explain the steps they envision during the upcoming year to investigate and prosecute post-election violence in Kenya. Some measures will require the approval of Parliament. If there is no agreement from Parliament, and in accordance with the Kenyan commitment to end impunity of those most responsible for the most serious crimes, the Government of Kenya will refer the situation to the Prosecutor in accordance with Article 14 of the Rome Statute.

The Kenyan delegation also committed to provide immediately all information requested by the Prosecution of the ICC to perform its preliminary examination as well as information on measures put in place to ensure the safety of victims and witnesses pending the initiation and completion of suitable judicial proceedings.

Both Kenya and the ICC Prosecutor agreed that impunity is not an option, that to prevent new violence in 2012 it is necessary to prosecute those responsible for the crimes committed during the post election violence.

The Agreed Minutes of Meeting

OTP statement in relation to events in Kenya on 5 February 2008

Prosecutor Statement of 11 February 2009

Source: Bureau du Procureur | Contact: [email protected]