Public lesser redacted version of “'Prosecution’s submissions on issues for the First Status Conference”, ICC-01/09-01/20-171-Conf, 10 September 2021", ICC-01/09-01/20-171-Red, 14 September 2021


08 février 2023 | Bureau du Procureur | Transmission

Affaire: Le Procureur c. Paul Gicheru
Situation: Situation en République du Kenya

Classé au cours de la Procès phase


Document: Anglais (728.99 Ko | 18 Pages)

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15 Décembre 2021, Public redaction version of Decision on the Prosecution’s Request to Admit Prior Recorded Testimony under Rule 68(2)(b) (360.48 Ko | 12 Pages)
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24 février 2022, Public redacted version of “Prosecution’s urgent application under rule 68(3) and regulation 35 for variation of time limits related to the introduction of the prior recorded testimony of Witness P-0341”, ICC-01/09-01/20-290-Conf, 20 February 2022 (238.02 Ko | 9 Pages)
ICC-01/09-01/20-290-Red | Bureau du Procureur