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In Sudan, the Outreach unit uses virtual tools, online activities, radio and TV programmes in Arabic and Fur, as well as screenings in the IDP camps in Darfur, to provide relevant, accessible and timely information on judicial developments in the case of Abd-Al Rahman.

The team works with key media and civil society organisations to provide information to affected communities in Darfur and uses radio and social media to reach the Sudanese population living abroad.

In 2022, PIOS focused its resources on conducting a broad outreach campaign in Sudan for the opening of the trial on 5 April 2022 in the case of The Prosecutor v. Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al Rahman (“Abd-Al Rahman case”). Considering the difficulties involved in conducting missions, PIOS leveraged existing strong partnerships and created new ones with key media and civil society organizations, the legal community and academia, to provide information about the Court and the proceedings in the case.

An exceptional number of ICC audiovisual programmes in Arabic reached affected communities in Darfur, and the Sudanese population in general, through broadcast and social media, regular screenings – including in the camps in Darfur – and the combined online and hybrid information and training sessions provided by partners on the ground. In the absence of outreach staff on the ground and with the aim of bolstering the capacity of local partners, PIOS organized a five-day visit to the Court for the representatives of 16 organizations and local community leaders. Participants were able to follow the trial from the public gallery of the courtroom and to share the experience with their communities, strengthening trust in, understanding of and support for the Court. The visit represented one more step in building local ICC-related projects.

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The power of radio in reaching affected communities

The Outreach team uses radio drama and radio summaries of the Court proceedings to reach affected communities in the refugee camps in the east of C


From N’Djamena to Farchana

The ICC Outreach team travels throughout Chad to meet with the Darfur refugee population