In Focus

In Libya, Outreach focuses on meeting local organisations and legal professionals interested in the ICC’s work. Information packages, which are regularly updated and shared with partners and interested public professionals, include legal texts, with in-depth information about the Court, but also videos and animations in Arabic, giving insight into the Court’s work, in a more engaging way.

In 2022, security concerns in Libya, the absence of judicial developments and the need to prioritize available resources resulted in very limited outreach activities. The outreach team therefore focused on developments on the ground and updating contact lists. However, PIOS noted increased interest in the work of the ICC among organizations on the ground, and produced an online depository of general public information materials in the Arabic language, including legal texts, videos, animations, documents and other public information tools about the work of the Court. In coordination with stakeholders on the ground, the Outreach Unit has developed a plan of activities to be conducted in 2023.

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