Statement: 3 April 2024

Statement of the ICC Office of the Prosecutor at the conclusion of Deputy Prosecutor Mame Mandiaye Niang’s official visit to the Republic of Guinea to check on progress made on the 28 September 2009 trial and engage with victims


From 26-28 March 2024, the Deputy Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Mame Mandiaye Niang, conducted an official visit to the Republic of Guinea in the context of the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by Prosecutor Karim A.A. Khan KC and the President of the Republic, General Mamadi Doumbouya, on 28 September 2022 in Conakry. The memorandum commits both Guinea and the ICC Office of the Prosecutor to work actively and collaboratively to further the principle of complementarity and ensure accountability for alleged international crimes committed in Guinea in the context of the 28 September 2009 events at the national stadium in Conakry. Eleven accused have been charged in a domestic trial for alleged crimes committed during the events in which between 156 and 200 people were allegedly killed or disappeared, and at least 109 women were raped or subjected to other forms of sexual violence.

During his meeting with Prime Minister M. Amadou Oury Bah and Minister of Justice and Human Rights M. Yaya Kaïraba Kaba, Deputy Prosecutor Niang expressed his satisfaction with the ongoing trial and Guinea’s clear commitment to bring the alleged perpetrators to justice. “Guinea’s capacity and willingness to hold the perpetrators to account are palpable. Despite the existing challenges - not uncommon to most criminal proceedings in different countries, this commitment represents a strong example of complementarity in practice, with the trial being followed across the world.”

During their exchanges with Deputy Prosecutor Niang, Guinean authorities identified needs for support, including with respect to the investigation and prosecution of gender-based crimes, witness’ and victims’ protection and reparations. The Deputy Prosecutor committed to engage further with key actors and partners such as the United Nations Team of Experts on the Rule of Law and Sexual Violence in Conflict, the ICC's Victims and Witnesses Section and the ICC Trust Fund for Victims with a view to propose an action plan aimed at providing a targeted exchange of expertise and knowledge transfer for the benefit of judicial personnel involved in the ongoing trial and beyond. 

During the mission, the President of the Guinean Bar Association, M. Mohamed Souaré Diop, and his team provided to the OTP delegation the perspective of defence lawyers and victims’ representatives on the ongoing proceedings and trial, emphasising that the trial is on good course despite recurring challenges. 

Deputy Prosecutor Niang also engaged with representatives of the diplomatic community, including the European Union and France, civil society and victims of the 28 September 2009 events. 

“I greatly appreciated the close and humbling exchange with victims. It brought back into sharp focus the human cost of atrocity crimes. The victims’ physical and mental suffering continues to date. Bringing justice to these women and men, and enabling them to feel safe again are the minimum standards we should hold ourselves up to. The Office, jointly with its partners, will continue to support the national authorities in their endeavour to hold perpetrators accountable and provide meaningful assistance to victims,” Deputy Prosecutor Niang stated.

During his mission, Deputy Prosecutor Niang was accompanied by a delegation of the ICC Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) who provided expertise on victims’ reparations following the joint OTP/TFV technical mission of March 2023. Collaborating with relevant partners in its complementarity activities to maximise impact on national proceedings is a key feature of the Office’s new approach to complementarity and cooperation.

Source: Office of the Prosecutor | Contact: [email protected]