Press Release: 12 May 2017

Issuance of third edition of Chambers Practice Manual


Today, 12 May 2017, the third edition of the "Chambers Practice Manual" of judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC) was issued in both English and French.

This update of the Chambers Practice Manual adds a new section governing issues related to the preparation phase of trial proceedings before the commencement of trial. The topics to be inserted in this new section are the result of collective discussions held at the Second Judges' retreat that took place in Limburg, the Netherlands, from 28 to 29 October 2016.

Similarly to the rest of the Manual, this section is not intended as a binding instrument. Rather, it contains general recommendations and guidelines reflecting best practices. These best practices are based on the experience and expertise of judges across trials at the Court.

This Manual is a living document. It will be updated, integrated, amended as warranted by any relevant development. The final goal of the Manual is to contribute to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the proceedings before the Court.

12 May 2017 - Chambers Practice Manual

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