Information: 11 September 2018

ICC launches digital exhibit “Trauma, Healing and Hope”


Following the opening of physical exhibits at the ICC and Atrium in The Hague and the UNHQ in New York, the International Criminal Court (ICC) today proudly launches the digital version of its latest exhibit "Trauma, healing and hope".

This exhibit features powerful photos from award-winning photographer Marcus Bleasdale, who has spent the past 20 years documenting human rights abuses in many ICC situation countries, working with  National Geographic and Human Rights Watch, among others.

Through the stories of survivors, the viewer follows the path from the moment trauma occurs, including the crimes and their aftermath, living in insecurity, dealing with loss, and steps taken towards healing and hope, including justice and reconciliation.

Photos from the exhibit can be shared via the Court's new Instagram account, which explores how art and science intersect with justice. It features, among other content, images from this new exhibit as well as the digital exhibit "Building a more just world" launched this 17 July, plus material on how art and science are integral to both the justice and healing processes.

The exhibits and Instagram account have been created in the context of the Rome Statute's 20th anniversary, which is being marked throughout 2018. Further information and interactive information products created for the anniversary can be found here.