Press Release: 26 October 2005

ICC - ICC Holds Seminar with Ugandan Judicial Authorities


Press Release

ICC Holds Seminar with Ugandan Judicial Authorities

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On 26 October 2005, the International Criminal Court (ICC) held a seminar for Ugandan magistrates and other judicial authorities. The aim of the session was to provide information about the ICC and exchange views on the role of the national judicial institutions with respect to the operations of the Court.  

The Seminar was jointly opened by the Ugandan Deputy Chief Lady Justice Laeticia Mukasa-Kikonyogo and the Head of the Victims and Defence Division of the International Criminal Court, Mr Didier Preira, who was representing the Registrar of the ICC.

Lady Justice Mukasa-Kikonyogo welcomed the initiative of the Court to hold this seminar and stated that it was imperative for the judicial officers and other stakeholders to study and understand the composition of ICC, its function and jurisdiction. “In many areas the ICC has achieved goals of international justice” she said. “We are, therefore, hopeful that Uganda will benefit from the full involvement of ICC in our criminal justice system.” she added.

Mr. Preira, delivering his statement on behalf of the Registrar, said that the initiative of holding this session was “eminently judicial, aiming to create a forum for legal debate amongst law practitioners, and finds its part in the cooperation between the ICC and the Ugandan judicial authorities.”

Attending the seminar were the Solicitor General of Uganda, members of the Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court and the High Court. Officials from the Ministries of Justice, Defence, Internal Affairs and Foreign Affairs were also present.

The topics of the seminar were, amongst others, jurisdiction and procedure before the International Criminal Court; procedure for arrest and transfer; rights of participants in proceedings; the office of public counsel; and the implementing legislation. All presentations by ICC Officials were followed by questions.

On 16 December 2003 the Government of Uganda referred the situation concerning Northern Uganda to the Prosecutor of the ICC. On 13 October 2005, Pre-Trial Chamber II made public the arrest warrants for five leaders of the Ugandan rebel group Lords Resistance Army, marking a turning point in the judicial process. 

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