Rules of Decorum

ICC Premises

You are entering a court of law and are requested to observe appropriate standards of conduct

Audio recording, filming, or photographing is prohibited within the Court’s building.

Please dress appropriately for a Court; insignia or images that could be considered disruptive or offensive are not allowed.

Abusive or inappropriate conduct, including loud noise, is strictly prohibited.

Wear your Visitor’s Badge visibly and return it at the end of your visit.

Drinking and eating is only allowed in the Visitor’s Restaurant.

Entry under the influence of narcotic substances, including alcohol, and use of such substances is not allowed.

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas outside of the building, before going through security

Personal belongings can be stored in lockers and must not be left unattended.

The Court accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage to, or theft of, personal possessions within the Court building.

All visitors must follow the directions of ICC staff members at all times.

Courtroom Gallery

Coats, bags and all type of electronic devices are not allowed in the Courtroom Gallery.

They shall be stored in lockers.

Persons under 16 years of age are not allowed in the Courtoom Gallery whilst Court is in session, without prior written authorization of the relevant Chamber.

Follow all directions given by the Chamber in relation to the Courtroom Gallery.

Visitors must rise at the opening and closing of a Court session.

Reading, talking, pointing or gesturing at anyone seated in the Courtroom is not permitted.

During closed sessions, no visitors are allowed in the Courtoom Gallery.

The above is derived from the Presidential Directive regulating visits to the building of the Court which can be consulted at the information desk. Visitors not abiding by the applicable rules may be subject to measures and sanctions, including expulsion and/or exclusion from the Court’s building.