Information for victims

Information for victims

The Victims Participation and Reparations Section ("VPRS") of the Registry is responsible for assisting victims with the process of applying to participate in proceedings and, in the event of a conviction, with applying for reparations. It also assists victims and the Chamber in finding appropriate legal representation for victims during the proceedings.

On 8 July 2020, Pre-Trial Chamber II ("Chamber") authorized the use of the standard victim application forms in the Abd Al Rahman Case. The confirmation of charges hearing is provisionally set to commence on 24 May 2021. No deadline for the receipt of applications has yet been set by the Chamber with respect to participation in the confirmation of charges hearing.

VPRS may receive application forms for participation and/or reparations at any time, subject to deadlines set by the Chamber.

Victims may use one of two forms, depending on their situation: one is for individuals and the other is for organizations. (N.B.: rule 85(b) of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence defines the organizations which may participate in proceedings before the ICC as organizations or institutions that, as a result of crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC, have sustained harm to property dedicated to certain purposes – religion, education, art, science or charitable and humanitarian purposes – or to their historic monuments or hospitals.)

PDF versions of the two forms in French, English and Arabic are available for download.

VPRS has also provided guidance on how to fill the forms, which is available for download below with the relevant forms for participation and/or reparations.

If you are interested in applying, please contact VPRS beforehand. The form should be filled with the assistance of persons who have been specially trained by VPRS, to ensure that the forms are properly filled and that all the information necessary at this stage is provided.

When filling the form:

  • Please read carefully the guidance available for download below. This is essential to ensuring that the form is complete, that all the required supporting documentation is provided and that the application can be considered.

  • If possible, please fill the form in French, English or Arabic and be as specific and concise as you can.

  • Completed forms together with copies of supporting documentation are to be sent to VPRS at the postal address below:

    International Criminal Court
    Victims Participation and Reparations Section
    PO Box 19519
    2500 CM, The Hague
    The Netherlands
  • Victims may also send their application form for participation and/or reparations and related supporting documentation to the following email address: [email protected]

Application Form for Individuals (PDF)

English, Français, العربية

Application Form for Individuals (fillable PDF)

English, Français, العربية

Application Form for Organizations (PDF)

English, Français, العربية

Application Form for Organizations (fillable PDF)

English, Français, العربية

Online version of the victim application form

English, Français, العربية

Information booklet for Victims

English, Français, العربية

Guide for Application Form for Individuals (PDF)

English, Français, العربية

Please contact VPRS at [email protected] for any questions relating to the filling in of the victim application form and any related issue.

Please note that the purpose of the application form for participation in the proceedings and for reparations is NOT to provide evidence. The collection of evidence is not within the mandate of the VPRS, but that of the ICC Office of the Prosecutor (OTP). The OTP generally receives any relevant information that may be considered as evidence relating to crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC at: [email protected], at any time.

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