Nobuo Hayashi: Military Necessity in International Criminal Trials

Guest lecture:

Nobuo Hayashi

Nobuo Hayashi is a Senior Legal Advisor at the International Law and Policy Institute, based in Oslo, Norway. He specialises in international humanitarian law, international criminal law, and public international law. He has over fifteen years of experience in these areas, in research, publishing and editing scholarly works, authoring court submissions, advising international prosecutors, and speaking at academic and diplomatic conferences. His most significant works encompass military necessity, threat of force, and the law and ethics of nuclear weapons. 

Mr Hayashi has been a Visiting Lecturer at the UN Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, and a Visiting Professor at the International University of Japan.  He previously worked as a researcher at PluriCourts at the University of Oslo Law Faculty, and at the Peace Research Institute, Oslo. He also served as Legal Advisor at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights; and Legal Officer in the OTP at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. He wrote his PhD on Military Necessity at Leiden University.