Dr Boaz Cohen: Work with Child Survivors of the Holocaust - Relevance for Today

Guest lecture:
Dr Cohen, an historian, is head of the Holocaust Studies program of the Western Galilee College in Akko and a lecturer at the Shaanan College in Haifa, Israel.
Dr Cohen

His work focuses on the development of Holocaust memory and historiography in their social and cultural context and on post-Holocaust society.  

Dr Cohen has written extensively on work with child survivors of the Holocaust, focusing on their testimonies and on rehabilitation work done with the children after the war. This relates to his personal involvement in formal and informal education and in fostering children, and is pertinent to the work of the ICC today.

Dr Cohen has written a number of publications, including Israeli Holocaust Research: Birth and Evolution (Routledge 2013) and editor of Was their Voice heard? The Early Holocaust Testimonies of Child Survivors (Hebrew 2016).