Statement: 29 September 2015 |

Statement of the Prosecutor of the ICC, Fatou Bensouda, on the start of the witness interference trial against Jean-Pierre Bemba and the other co-accused under article 70 of the Rome Statute

Today marks the beginning of a trial that highlights a particular, yet crucial area of my mandate as Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court: contributing to the proper administration of justice of proceedings before this Court

Based on our evidence, we allege that Mr Bemba, and his four co-accused – who include members of the legal profession – have committed offences against the administration of justice through witness interference. Such systematic and concerted efforts of the co-accused to thwart the ends of justice in Mr Bemba's main trial, in which he is accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity, must be met with the full force of the law.

This is an important trial, and one that I hope will fulfil the rightful expectations of all victims of atrocity crimes that come before this Court in the fair and just adjudication of their causes and the integrity of the Court's proceedings.

My hope is that this trial will deter similar occurrences in other cases in the future, and thus ensure victims are not deprived of their right to see justice done through its proper and unimpeded administration.

As is our duty under the Rome Statute, my Office took careful and measured steps to collect evidence and bring this case forward. We brought this case to ensure that no-one, whatever their role or responsibilities, and especially those entrusted a role in the pursuit of justice, attempt to pervert the course of justice. Victims deserve fair and transparent justice, and to see it done untainted by such serious offences.

Lelo ezali ebandeli ya bosambisi likambo oyo ezali kolakisa eloko moko ya ndenge na yango moko, kasi ya motuya mpenza nakati na makoki ya mosala mwa ngai lokola Procureur ya Cour Pénale Internationale: kosunga na maye matali boyangeli bosembo malamu nakati na makambo oyo ezali kosambisama liboso ya esambiselo oyo.

Soki totali bilembo biye tozali na yango, tolobi ete Monsieur Mbemba na bato oyo minei bafundami elongo – oyo na kati na bango ezali na bato basalaka mosala mwa bobateli mibeko – basalaki mbeba ya kotia mobulu na boyangeli bosembo na nzela ya kolengola batemwe. Lisanga lia bato oyo bazali kufundama basalaki makasi nyonso mpona kopekisa bosembo bosalema nakati ya likambo lia liboso lia Monsieur Bemba; nakati ya likambo wana azali kofundama mpo na bobomi bato nakati ya bitumba mpe bobomi bato ebele, esengeli bambeba wana ekutana na makoki nyonso ya mibeko.

Oyo ezali likambo moko ya motuya, oyo nazali na elikya ete ekolongisa malamu bolikei bwa bavictimes ya bambeba makasi oyo eyaka liboso ya esambiselo oyo mpona kosembola na nzela alima ntina na yango mpe bokolongonu bwa makambo oyo ezali kosambisama na esambiselo oyo.

Elikya na ngai ezali ete likambo liye likopekisa batu mosusu nakati ya makambo misusu  bameka te na bambula ezali koya; mpe ekosala ete bavictimes bapimela bango droit na bango te ya komona boyangeli bosembo na alima mpe na lolenge elongobani.

Lokola ezali mosala na biso na nse ya mibeko ya Statut ya Roma, Bilo na ngai esalaki mpenza mosala malamu ya koluka bilembo mpe kotuba likambo oyo. Tofundaki likambo oyo mpo ete moto moko te, ata soki asalaka mosala nini, ata soki azali na bokonzi nini, mpe mingi mingi mpenza na baye bapesami mosala mwa koyangela bosembo, ameka ata moke te kobebisa mosala mwa koyangela bosembo. Bavictimes babongi na bosembo boye bolongobani mpe bwa alima, mpe esengeli bamona yango ezali kosalema malamu, bambeba minene lokola oyo ezala ata moke te.

Lisakoli lia Procureur ya CPI, Fatou Bensouda, mpo na kobanda bosambisi bwa Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo, na bamususu oyo bafundami naye elongo mpo na kotia mobulu na maloba ma batemwe engebene na mobeko 70 ya Statut ya Roma
Source: Office of the Prosecutor | Contact: [email protected]