Press Release: 4 March 2021

Lubanga Case: The TFV announces details of the collective reparation award


The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) at the International Criminal Court (ICC) welcomes the decision of Trial Chamber II, today, to make public the decision approving the programme activities of the collective service-based reparation award in the Lubanga case. The reparations will benefit former child soldiers and their families and aim to facilitate the reintegration of direct victims into society by providing a range of support.

The publication of the programme activities will allow for a greater understanding of  the implementation of the reparation award and allow for more engagement on the part of the victims, their communities and the public at large. The Chamber held that the proposed programme is appropriate to meet the varied and evolving needs of the direct and indirect victims according to their specific circumstances. It also acknowledged the complex security and health context, in which the programme will operate.

The approved programme of the collective service-based reparation award consists of three areas of interventions: medical treatment, psychological rehabilitation, and socio-economic support. The programme was developed to ensure that eligible victims can receive  integrated support which aims to respond to the harm they have suffered from the crimes for which Mr Lubanga was convicted.

Mama Koité Doumbia, Chair of the TFV Board of Directors, said "Commencing the implementation of the collective award in the case of Lubanga is a milestone, first and foremost for the victims who suffered so much harm in their youth and from whom much patience and resilience has been required. The TFV is determined to accompany the victims and their families in addressing their harm. The TFV highly welcomes the fact that the implementation of these reparations awards can now be made public, which is important for the victims and for supporting the realisation of reparative justice."

Pieter de Baan, TFV Executive Director, welcomed the Trial Chamber's approval of the proposed TFV activities under the implementation plan and their decision to enable more information about the Lubanga awards enter the public domain, saying "It remains a priority for the TFV to protect the identity and well-being of victims, so that they may access reparations with the greatest possible concern for their personal safety. Both the ICC and the TFV are strengthening the foundation and structure for making the Rome Statute's reparations system a meaningful reality for victims, in a rapidly growing number of cases. This requires the support of States Parties and the international community, in solidarity with victims who have a right to a remedy and reparation for the harm they have suffered, and often continue to suffer, from Rome Statute crimes."

The TFV has selected a consortium to implement the service-based reparations award. The programme will be implemented in five territories (Aru, Djugu, Irumu, Mahagi, Mambasa) of Ituri province, eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Information in more detail about the implementation of the collective reparation awards in Lubanga can be found in the Fact Sheet

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Source: Trust Fund for Victims