Press Release: 8 March 2024

International Criminal Court marks International Women’s Day

International Criminal Court marks International Women’s Day

The International Criminal Court ("ICC" or the "Court") is dedicated to the enforcement of justice and to creating an equitable workplace for its personnel.

The Court recognizes the challenges that affect women’s rights worldwide and it remains committed to addressing the need for further progress, particularly within the context of justice and legal systems.

On this International Women’s Day the Court remains steadfast in its objective of integrating an intersectional approach to gender equality across all levels of its work, acknowledging the importance of a fair and inclusive workplace.

"The ICC is unwavering in its mission to cultivate a justice system and a workplace that honour the principles of equality and inclusion," asserted the ICC's President, Piotr Hofmański. "The implementation of our Gender Equality and Workplace Culture Strategy is foundational to our efforts, reinforcing our commitment to uphold these values within our institution and in our broader mandate ."

The International Criminal Court's progression towards establishing and executing its first Gender Equality Workplace and Culture Strategy by 2025 is indicative of the institution's resolve to drive substantial advancements in gender equality throughout the UN Decade of Action (2020-2030), which is essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The document is a testament to the Court's active participation in the Generation Equality movement and underscores the shared dedication of the Court's Principals, who are united in their role as International Gender Champions, to progress on the objectives of Sustainable Development Goal 5 on Gender Equality. Furthermore the Court, through a thorough internal consultative process, has recently adopted a new set of Court-wide values. Among these, Inclusion and Fairness stand out, underscoring the Court’s dedication to establishing a workplace that is enabling and just for all genders.

The ICC Prosecutor, Karim A.A. Khan KC, underscored the importance of an inclusive approach to justice: "We must ensure a strong voice of diversity in the Office, one which is not drowned by the disapproving voices of those who prefer homogeneity of opinion and thought, and one which benefits from hearing from the voices of the lived experiences of women and girls here in the Hague, and in each one of our situations. In this regard, I encourage each of us to reflect, not just today but in the weeks and months that follow on how we can individually and collectively inspire a workplace that is truly inclusive."

The ICC Registrar, Osvaldo Zavala Giler, reflected on the strides made and the journey ahead: "Our pioneering Strategy on Gender Equality and Workplace Culture, accompanied by our strong  commitment to gender diversity, are both the path and the breath that will lead us to  internalize the high standards we advocate for. As we adopted the Court's core values in an unprecedented exercise of staff consultation and internal reflection, we believe that inclusion and fairness  are key to our mission and to building a truly representative environment that recognises  and values the rich tapestry of gender identities and expressions."

The ICC Focal Point for Gender and Equality, Colette Donadio, comments "International Women’s Day is a day that strengthens our resolve to actively mainstream gender equality in every aspect of our work, from the courtroom to our offices, ensuring that the ICC remains a model for justice and equality around the globe, as well as a balanced, inclusive, safe, and fair workplace for everyone. The day is marked by an internal event for personnel at the Court to engage, reflect, and contribute to our ongoing commitment to inclusion and equality."

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