Press Release: 14 June 2023

International Criminal Court Launches Strategic Plans for 2023-2025


On 14 June 2023, the International Criminal Court (“ICC”, or “Court”) officially launched four strategic plans for the period of 2023-2025:

This marks the first time that all the four strategic plans have been developed and adopted concurrently, following the same three-year cycle. This effort underscores the commitment of the three organs of the Court to the One-Court principle. It also strengthens the Court’s relationship with the Trust Fund for Victims by promoting greater synergies, while upholding the independence of the organs involved in judicial proceedings.

During the process of elaborating these strategic plans, the Court benefitted from the helpful input provided by its staff as well as by its States Parties and civil society organizations.

Building upon the achievements made during the 2019-2021 strategic cycle and taking into account the recommendations of the Independent Expert Review, the four strategic plans aim to drive further progress in the 2023 – 2025 period. The introduction of key performance indicators and a strategic framework in the ICC Strategic Plan will enable the Court to better demonstrate how the performance of each organ and the Trust Fund for Victims contributes to the shared overarching goals of the Court.

The ICC Strategic Plan 2023-2025 reaffirms the Court’s pledge to act with integrity and respect for the Rome Statute in all of its activities and acknowledges the crucial role of the Court’s staff in the achievement of its mission. The plan also reaffirms the importance of a Court that is responsible, flexible and resilient, and able to adapt to the challenges that it continues to face.

The OTP Strategic Plan 2023-2025 reflects a renewed vision for implementing the mandate of the Office. It seeks to set a framework for implementing a vision for the work of the OTP based on rendering our work more dynamic, timely, efficient and closer to those impacted by Rome Statute crimes.

The Registry Strategic Plan 2023-2025 builds on the progress of the previous Registry plan while taking full account of two key developments: the Independent Expert Review recommendations that the Registry is fully committed to delivering in the areas identified for improvement, and the substantial increase in judicial workload and the opening of new OTP investigations requiring the Registry’s support.

The TFV Strategic plan 2023-2025 will be used to enhance the effectiveness and impact of the Trust Fund for Victims in delivering reparations for victims of crimes under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court as awarded by the Chambers, and in implementing other programmes for the benefit of victims, as provided by the Rome Statute. The Strategic Plan prioritizes programme implementation, resource mobilization and visibility, knowledge sharing, and enhancing governance, collaboration and impact. 

Together, the Strategic Plans support the continued realization of purpose and object of the Rome Statute, which was adopted on 17 July 1998, nearly 25 years ago.

For further information, please contact Fadi El Abdallah, Spokesperson and Head of Public Affairs Unit, International Criminal Court, by telephone at: +31 (0)6 46448938 or by e-mail at: [email protected].

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