Statement: 1 April 2005

ICC - Security Council refers situation in Darfur to ICC Prosecutor


Security Council refers situation in Darfur to ICC Prosecutor


Please find below the statement of ICC Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo: 

          I take note of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1593 (2005) of 31 March 2005, in which the Security Council decided “to refer the situation in Darfur since 1 July 2002 to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court”.  

          I will be in contact with the relevant national and international authorities, including the United Nations and the African Union, in order to establish the arrangements that will be necessary for us to carry out our work.  

          Before starting an investigation, I am required under the Statute to assess factors including crimes and admissibility. I look forward to cooperation from relevant parties to collect this information. 

31.03.05 - Resolution 1593 (2005) adopted by the UN Security Council at its 5158th meeting

31.03.05 - Security Council refers sitution in Darfur, Sudan, to Prosecutor of International Criminal Court

31.03.05 - Secretary-General Kofi Annan welcomes adoption of Security Council resolution refferring sitution in Darfur, Sudan, to ICC Prosecutor

25.01.2005 - Report of the International Commission of Inquiry on Darfur to the United Nations Secretary-General 

For further information, please contact the Spokesperson for the Office of the Prosecutor,  Yves Sorokobi on Tel. +31 (0)70 515 8560

Source: Office of the Prosecutor

Source: Office of the Prosecutor | Contact: [email protected]