Information: 20 July 2022

ICC Registrar Election: Assembly of States Parties establishes confidential channel regarding due diligence process


In accordance with the applicable legal framework, the next Registrar of the International Criminal Court (ICC) will be elected by the judges of the Court early 2023 from the short list below:

  • Mr. Juan Pablo Albán Alencastro (Ecuador); 
  • Mr. Amady Ba (Senegal);
  • Ms. Fidelma Teresa Donlon (Ireland); 
  • Mr. Luis Mariano Hermosillo Sosa (Mexico); 
  • Mr. Pouraogo Julien Kouda (Burkina Faso); 
  • Ms. Kate Mackintosh (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland); 
  • Mr. Christian Mahr (Japan); 
  • Ms. Gabrielle McIntyre (Australia); 
  • Ms. Rosette Muzigo-Morrison (Uganda); 
  • Mr. Ibrahim James Pam (Nigeria); 
  • Ms. Marie Inger Tuma (Sweden); and 
  • Mr. Oswaldo Zavala Giler (Ecuador)

Article 43, paragraph 3, of the Rome Statute requires the Registrar of the Court to be of “high moral character”. For that purpose, the Bureau of the Assembly of States Parties has established a due diligence process, whereby any allegation of human rights violations, incidents of harassment, including sexual harassment, abuse of authority, discrimination and bullying in the workplace, as well as other ethical or legal breaches of a serious nature such as fraud or corruption, may be reported confidentially no later than 1 September 2022, to the Independent Oversight Mechanism (IOM), a subsidiary body of the Assembly, at the following email address: [email protected]

The allegation and its review by the IOM shall be kept confidential at all times and it be will treated in accordance with the text set out below. The IOM can also be contacted directly at the above email address with any questions regarding the process.

Proposal by the Presidency on Due Diligence Process for Candidates for Registrar
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