Press Release: 4 May 2010

ICC Prosecutor to visit Kenya to meet victims and listen to all Kenyans


International Criminal Court Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo will visit Kenya May 8-12 to lead investigations, and meet with victims of Kenya's post-election violence.

"As promised, I will meet the victims, listen to them, understand their views and concerns. We will investigate the crimes, protecting the victims and respecting the rights of the suspects. We will follow the evidence, and we will prosecute those most responsible" he said.

The Prosecutor’s five-day programme includes meetings with all segments of Kenyan society, notably with civil society and women's groups, the business community, religious leaders, and media, including community, local and regional radio stations.

He will visit communities in areas affected by the post-election violence. Similar visits to other affected areas outside Nairobi will follow shortly on his next visit to Kenya later this year.

All of those who wish to share with the Prosecutor their views and/or information on the post-election violence will have a chance to do so, including those who have reasons to believe they may be subject to investigations or prosecution.
The Prosecutor will also participate in a town hall event focused on the theme of justice and reconciliation. He will answer questions and explain the process now that the ICC investigation has been authorized by ICC judges.

"The whole international community is with the Kenyans, all Kenyans must come together and use the law and justice as a basis for their common future. The common goal is to ensure there is no repeat of violence in the 2012 elections" said the Prosecutor.

Additional information for the Media

Prosecutor Moreno-Ocampo will hold a short press meeting upon arrival in Nairobi to brief media further on his programme.
DATE: Saturday May 8
PLACE: Serena Hotel, Nairobi (Amani Room)
TIME: 10h
There will also be a Press Conference by the Prosecutor on the afternoon of Wednesday May 12, the final day of his visit. Details will be provided in a separate Media Advisory.

Source: Office of the Prosecutor | Contact: [email protected]