Press Release: 19 April 2013

ICC Office of the Prosecutor concludes visit to Colombia


A delegation from the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court today concludes a 5 day visit to Colombia in the context of its preliminary examination of the situation.

The purpose of the visit was to obtain additional information on measures taken by the Colombian authorities to address the key focus areas for the preliminary examination. In November 2012, the Office published an interim report summarizing its findings with respect to jurisdiction and admissibility, and outlining the  five areas of continuing focus: (i) follow-up on the Legal Framework for Peace and other relevant legislative developments, as well as jurisdictional aspects relating to the emergence of ‘new illegal armed groups;’ (ii) proceedings relating to the promotion and expansion of paramilitary groups; (iii) proceedings relating to forced displacement; (iv) proceedings relating to sexual crimes; and, (v) false positive cases.

During the visit, the Office held talks with senior officials from all 3 branches of Government, as well as international organizations and civil society organizations. Discussions centred on the issues raised in the Office’s Interim Report and how to address the five areas of continuing focus. In this regard, the Office received further information on the prioritization of cases by the Attorney General’s Office in order to focus their investigations and prosecutions on those bearing the greatest responsibility for the most serious crimes. The Government of Colombia facilitated the visit and provided its full support for all meetings that took place.  The Office looks forward to continued discussions with the Government of Colombia and with civil society on the important issues discussed during its visit.

Colombia today is at a crossroads, facing an opportunity to overcome decades of conflict and bring an end to a situation that has led to the ongoing commission of alleged ICC crimes. The principles of the Rome Statute – to which currently 122 states are parties, including Colombia – reflect the consensus of the international community regarding the integral role of justice in ensuring peace, stability and security. The Rome Statute provides a legal framework underpinning durable solutions that provide for both peace and justice in this regard.

“Situation in Colombia – Interim Report” in English and Spanish may be found here

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Source: Office of the Prosecutor | Contact: [email protected]