Press Release: 30 June 2017

ICC launches #wheniwas15 campaign marking its 15th anniversary


On 1 July 2017, the International Criminal Court (ICC) will be marking its 15th anniversary. On this occasion, all those interested are invited to tell their stories about being 15, and how events in their youth shaped their sense of justice. The online campaign aims to engage with a broad community of those for whom justice matters, celebrate achievements thus far, and look to the future to build a more just world.  

The campaign will run until 17 July 2017, Day of International Criminal Justice, on the ICC's new Facebook page, and will be promoted on the Court's Twitter accounts in English and French, as well as its YouTube Tumblr and Flickr sites. Further content can be found on a special 15th anniversary web page. Be sure to check out the campaign video.

Participants worldwide are invited to submit a video of them reflecting on "#wheniwas15", what shaped their sense of justice and what their hope is for the future. Alternatively, participants can post a photo of themselves, now or at the age of 15, along with their story.

"When I was 15, justice was essentially about retribution, about dispensing rewards or punishment, giving to each one what they deserved. Today, justice for me is just not only about retribution, it is about protection, it is about protecting those who have suffered, contributing to prevent violence against them and, when you cannot prevent, trying to remedy the harm they have suffered" said President Silvia Fernández de Gurmendi.

Join the campaign today by:

  1. Posting a story of #wheniwas15 on the ICC's Facebook page or by emailing it to: [email protected]

  1. Using the "building a more just world" Facebook filter and changing your profile picture to a photo of when you were 15

  2. Liking and sharing #wheniwas15 content on social media 

  3. Inviting your friends and networks to join the campaign

Background:  On 17 July 1998, at a conference in Rome, 120 States adopted a treaty, known as the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. For the first time, States created a permanent international criminal court to prosecute the perpetrators of the most serious crimes, namely war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

On 1 July 2002, upon ratification by 60 States, the treaty entered in to force formally establishing the International Criminal Court. On 1 July 2017, the ICC marks its 15th anniversary.

Today 124 States are parties to the Rome Statute, striving to build a more just world.  

For further information, please contact Fadi El Abdallah, Spokesperson/Head, Public Affairs Unit, International Criminal Court, by telephone at: +31 (0)70 515-9152 or 31 (0)6 46448938 or by e-mail at: [email protected]

You can also follow the Court's activities on Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and Flickr