Press Release: 21 February 2003

ICC - Association of Journalists at the ICC

Press Release

Association of Journalists at the ICC


The establishment of the Association of Journalists at the International Criminal Court (AJICC) was made official today in a meeting with representatives of the ICC. The President of the Association, Mr. Thomas Verfuss formally presented a copy of the Statute of the new born press organisation to Mr. Bruno Cathala, Director of the Division of Common Services of the Court.

The members of the AJICC, who were accredited today by the Court, are professional journalists from several national and international media organisations based in The Netherlands, regularly covering the ICC.

According to the Statute of the Association the organisation will support the efficiency of the press coverage of the ICC in the broader sense and will act as a conduit between the Court and media representatives.The Board of the AJICC is currently formed by Mr. Thomas Verfuss of Dutch News Agency - ANP, as President; and Ms. Sonia Robla of Spanish News Agency -EFE and Mr. Edgar Denter of Deutsche Presse-Agentur -DPA as Vice-presidents.

Mr. Cathala welcomed the establishment of the Association and expressed the confidence that the AJICC will contribute to expand an effective relationship between the Court and the media.

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