Judge Nicolas Guillou

Nationality: France (Western European and other States)

Term: 11 March 2024 - 10 March 2033

Elected from: List A on 5 December 2023

Assigned to: Trial Division

Current chamber: Trial Chamber I, Trial Chamber II, Trial Chamber IV


Prior to his election as Judge of the International Criminal Court, Judge Nicolas Guillou served as Pre-Trial Judge at the Kosovo Specialist Chambers for four years. Previously, he worked as Chef de Cabinet to the President of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (2015-2019) and as Liaison Prosecutor at the U.S. Department of Justice (2012-2015) where he facilitated judicial cooperation in criminal and civil matters.

Between 2006 and 2012, Judge Guillou held several positions in the French Ministry of Justice – as Deputy Head of the Commercial Law Section, as Adviser to the Minister on Criminal Affairs and as Diplomatic Adviser to the Minister. Judge Guillou started his career as an Investigative Judge. 

Judge Guillou holds a Master’s degree in International and European Criminal Law from Sorbonne University. He graduated from the French National School for the Judiciary, where he regularly teaches and manages training programs for judges on international justice.

Judge Nicolas Guillou

Situation and Cases

Current situations and cases:
The Prosecutor v. Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman ("Ali Kushayb") - Trial Chamber I
The Prosecutor v. Germain Katanga - Trial Chamber II
The Prosecutor v. Thomas Lubanga Dyilo - Trial Chamber II
The Prosecutor v. Bosco Ntaganda - Trial Chamber II
The Prosecutor v. Ahmad Al Faqi Al Mahdi - Trial Chamber II
The Prosecutor v. Dominic Ongwen - Trial Chamber II
The Prosecutor v. Abdallah Banda Abakaer Nourain - Trial Chamber IV