Judge Erdenebalsuren Damdin

Nationality: Mongolia (Asia-Pacific States)

Term: 11 March 2024 - 10 March 2033

Elected from: List A on 4 December 2023

Assigned to: Appeals Division


Judge Erdenebalsuren Damdin has over three decades of experience in criminal justice, encompassing roles as a judge, prosecutor, and criminal defense counsel. Prior to joining the ICC, he dedicated over 12 years as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Mongolia, adjudicating serious and complex cases, including murder and cases related to the exoneration of victims of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Previously, Judge Damdin held a number of senior posts in the Public Prosecution Service of Mongolia, ranging from serving as a Prosecutor at the provincial level to the position of Senior Chief Prosecutor at the Office of the Prosecutor General of Mongolia. His experience also includes a decade of advocating for clients in criminal proceedings.

In addition to his legal practice, Judge Damdin has significantly contributed to the legal reform process in Mongolia by providing expert opinion and advisory services on legislation aimed at enhancing the national criminal justice system. As a renowned expert, he has organized and taught in numerous training programs for judges and lawyers for years, on criminal law, procedure, and the rule of law.

He received his legal education at the Law Faculty of Irkutsk State University, earning both his law degree and an LLM. Judge Damdin is a member of the Association of Mongolian Lawyers.

Judge Erdenebalsuren Damdin