Judge Beti Hohler

Nationality: Slovenia (Eastern Europe)

Term: 11 March 2024 - 10 March 2033

Elected from: List A on 5 December 2023

Assigned to: Trial Division

Current chamber: Trial Chamber V


Judge Beti Hohler has spent most of her career practising law at international and internationalised criminal courts. Prior to her election as a Judge, she was a Trial Lawyer in the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC.

Before joining the ICC in 2015, Judge Hohler worked for the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo, advising international judges in complex criminal cases. Judge Hohler started her career in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where she first served at the Court of Appeals and thereafter as a senior associate at a prominent law firm.

Judge Hohler was an Associate Editor of Oxford Reports on International Law in Domestic Courts from 2006 until 2024. She was a member of the International Law Association’s Committee on Complementarity in International Criminal Law and is one of the authors of the leading Commentary of the Rome Statute in the English language. 

Judge Hohler is regularly invited to train judges and advocates at international events. She has delivered trainings on advocacy before international tribunals and on substantive international criminal law. Until 2024 Judge Hohler also acted as Director of Training at the Institute for International Legal and Advocacy Training in The Hague, which she co-founded.

Judge Hohler is the recipient of several accolades, including the 2012 EU Common Security and Defence Policy Service Medal, awarded for her service in the Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo. 

Judge Hohler holds a Master of Law from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and an LLM in International and European Law from University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Judge Beti Hohler

Situation and Cases

Current situations and cases:
The Prosecutor v. Alfred Yekatom and Patrice-Edouard Ngaïssona - Trial Chamber V