High school students and the ICC

High school students and the ICC

Youth who learn about matters of justice today will be more empowered as future leaders who can help create a more just world.

Teachers and high school students (ages 16-18) are invited to use the ICC's 5-lesson module to learn about matters related to justice and to get involved. In each lesson, the student takes on different roles: knowledge builder, journalist, opinion-maker, columnist, and awareness-raiser.

The lessons are designed to be integrated courses such as history, contemporary history (post 1945), world history, philosophy and human rights. The 5-lesson module should ideally last 9 hours, or they may be used individually to focus on relevant topics and/or to develop specific skills.

Context of use

5-lesson module (or selected lessons) to be integrated in the high-school curricula for courses in:

History / Contemporary History (post 1945) / World History / Philosophy / Human Rights

Each lesson can be used individually to focus on the relevant topic and/or in order to develop the specific skills involved in the lesson.


High-school students in their junior/senior or final year (aged 16-18).


This module's main objectives are the following:

  • help students become familiar with the ICC's activities

  • help students learn key historical facts and acquire geographical knowledge about ICC situation-related countries

  • acquaint students with basic legal concepts and terminology

  • raise awareness among students and the local community about the mission, goals and activities of the ICC and other tribunals addressing crimes of concern for the international community

  • develop students' critical-thinking abilities, writing and presentation skills and team spirit


The full module comprises 5 lessons. Each lesson contributes to building knowledge about the ICC and developing specific skills that are valuable for the students' formative path. The activities planned in the lessons will enable the students to take on different roles and develop relevant skills.:

Lesson 1

The student as a knowledge builder

Lesson 2

The student as a journalist

Lesson 3

The student as an opinion-maker

Lesson 4

The student as a columnist

Lesson 5

The student as an awareness-raiser

The 5-lesson module should ideally last 9 hours. The duration can vary depending on the number of lessons held and activities performed. To reach the objectives in some depth, it is recommended to offer a module that is no shorter than 4 hours, combining part of the information and activities described in the lessons.


Practical information


Watch ICC hearings

View our webstreaming of hearings, generally shown with a 30-minute delay to allow for any necessary redactions of confidential information.


Visit us and attend ICC hearings

ICC hearings are generally open to the public, unless the Chamber orders a closed session. Present a valid ID to the security reception desk to receive a visitor badge.



Groups between 10 and 35 (max) can register a week in advance for a presentation from ICC staff in English or French. Times: 10:00 – 12:00 (Tuesday - Friday) and 13:30 – 15:30 (Monday - Friday).