Order for reclassification of documents


22 July 2015 | Appeals Chamber | Decision

Case: The Prosecutor v. Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blé Goudé
Situation: Situation in the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire

Filed during the Trial phase


Document: English (365.55 KB | 3 Pages)

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14 July 2015, Confidential EX PARTE redacted version of ‘’Prosecution’s Response to Laurent Gbabgo’s Defence notice of appeal (ICC-02/11-01/15-134-Conf-Exp-Red) and request for extension of pages of the document in support of appeal (ICC-02/1101/15-136-Conf-Exp-Red-Co (187.89 KB | 7 Pages)
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16 July 2015, Decision on the Presiding Judge in the appeal of Mr Laurent Gbagbo against the decision of Trial Chamber I entitled “Ninth decision on the review of Mr Laurent Gbagbo’s detention pursuant to Article 60(3) of the Statute” (1.14 MB | 3 Pages)
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16 July 2015, Decision on the request of Mr Gbagbo for extension of page limit for his document in support of appeal (1.38 MB | 5 Pages)
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20 July 2015, Prosecution’s request for reclassification pursuant to Appeals Chamber decision of 16 July 2015 (ICC-02/11-01/15-144-Conf-Exp) (158.08 KB | 4 Pages)
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28 July 2015, Order to the Registrar on the registration of documents in the case record relating to the appeal phase of the proceedings (1.35 MB | 4 Pages)
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