Decision on the Prosecution’s Requests under Rule 68(3) to Introduce the Prior Recorded Testimony of P-1429, P-1737, P-1762, P-0435, P-2692, P-2607, P-2504, P-3064, P-2241 and P-2161


08 November 2022 | Trial Chamber | Decision

Case: The Prosecutor v. Mahamat Said Abdel Kani
Situation: Situation in the Central African Republic II

Filed during the Trial phase


Document: English (453.31 KB | 25 Pages)

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17 November 2022, Public Redacted Version of “Prosecution’s request to introduce prior recorded testimony pursuant to rule 68(3) and to include one item to the Prosecution’s List of Evidence”, ICC-01/14-01/21-544-Conf, dated 11 November 2022 (517.81 KB | 8 Pages)
ICC-01/14-01/21-544-Red | Office of the Prosecutor