Public Redacted Version - Decision on the requests for the Disqualification of the Prosecutor, the Deputy Prosecutor and the entire OTP staff


21 October 2014 | Appeals Chamber | Decision

Case: The Prosecutor v. Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo, Aimé Kilolo Musamba, Jean-Jacques Mangenda Kabongo, Fidèle Babala Wandu and Narcisse Arido
Situation: Situation in the Central African Republic

Filed during the Pre-trial phase


Document: English (1.56 MB | 25 Pages) | Translation(s): French (441.28 KB | 28 Pages)


ICC-01/05-01/13-648-Anx1, Separate Concurring Opinion of Judge Erkki Kourula
English (188.01 KB | 3 Pages)

ICC-01/05-01/13-648-Anx2-Red, Public Redacted Version - Dissenting Opinion of Judge Anita Ušacka
English (656.65 KB | 9 Pages)

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