Workshop for Legal Communities: 26 October 2018

Event with Focus on the Legal Profession |

Tbilisi | Georgia | Eastern Europe


On 26 October 2018, the International Criminal Court ('ICC' or 'the Court') held a workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia, with representatives of the legal communities from Georgia and 9 countries of nearby regions, in collaboration with the Georgian Bar Association and with the financial support of the European Commission. The workshop aimed at encouraging lawyers of underrepresented or non-represented countries to apply for the List of ICC Counsel and Assistants to Counsel, as well as at increasing the number of women on those lists.

More than 50 lawyers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Iran, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Turkey and Ukraine, many of whom were women, exchanged with ICC elected officials, Vice-President Judge Robert Fremr, Registrar Mr Peter Lewis, and other ICC representatives about the work of the Court as well as ways and modalities to participate in the capacity of Counsel in ICC proceedings. Such insights on the Court should help lawyers to make a future informed decision about applying for inclusion on the ICC's List of Counsel or List of Assistants to Counsel.

Through specific judicial events and activities, the Court seeks to increase awareness and enhance cooperation with national judicial actors and the legal profession in general. Some of the overall goals are to promote the specialisation and training of lawyers in the law of the Statute and the Rules as per Regulation 140 of the Rules of the Registry, promote dialogue and exchange of expertise, foster a sense of community, increase awareness and support for the Court amongst national, regional and international judicial institutions, as well as develop knowledge and skills, share mutually relevant information, and build and maintain operational and technical relationships with bar associations and the ICC listed Counsel, thus providing a forum for consultations with the legal profession.

The Court is grateful for the financial support of the European Commission for the event