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Fourth Asia Pacific Forum

On 14 July 2022, the International Criminal Court (“ICC” or “the Court”), together with The Hague Project Peace and Justice, hosted the fourth Asia Pacific Forum of The Hague (“ Forum”), to promote awareness of the Court in the Asia Pacific region. The webinar featured the President of the Court, judge Piotr Hofmański, ICC judge Chang-ho Chung, ICC Deputy Prosecutor Nazhat Shameem Khan and other ICC representatives from the Asia-Pacific Region.  

The event facilitated a dialogue on enhancing the contribution of international justice for the Asia-Pacific region as well as encouraging students and young professionals from the region to consider a career in the field of international justice. Out of the 123 States Parties to the Rome Statute, 19 are Asia-Pacific States.

Opening the event, the President of the Court judge Piotr Hofmański stated: : “We want to raise awareness of the ICC’s mandate in the Asia-Pacific region and dispel myths and misconceptions that may exist.  As tomorrow’s leaders, you have an important role to play in this mission.” 

The first session of the Forum was reserved for the lecture of ICC Judge Chang-ho Chung, who spoke on the topic of " Recent Developments at the International Criminal Court." Judge Chung stated: “I am confident that in the near future students and young lawyers from the Asia Pacific region will have more opportunities to work for the ICC. To this end, an accurate understanding of the functions and jurisprudence of the Court is necessary and must be prioritized. Since the ICC website provides all relevant information, I hope you will visit the website more often and become familiar with it.”

In her closing remarks, ICC Deputy Prosecutor Nazhat Shameem Khan stated: “We can and will do much more to increase representation of the Asia Pacific at the Court.  Moving forward, we need to ensure that the community of nations of the Rome Statute is fully reflected in our work. To ensure that the values of the ICC are upheld we need to include all perspectives and the role of the Asia Pacific is crucial in delivering fully on our common commitment to eradicate impunity for international crimes.”

In the second session of the Forum, ICC staff members from the Asia-Pacific region addressed the topic of "A Career in International Criminal Justice,". Staff members from each organ shared their individual career perspectives and experiences with participants. The session was concluded with a presentation by the ICC Human Resource Section which provided practical information on how to apply for ICC positions and Q&As.

The Asia Pacific Forum of The Hague forms part of a broader effort to enhance global understanding and support for the Rome Statute and the Court and to promote cooperation at the regional level. These include the organization of or participation in high-level regional cooperation seminars and symposiums, technical events and workshops aimed at Government leaders and officials, parliamentarians, members of the judiciary, academics and civil society representatives. The ICC thanks the European Commission for the financial support of this event.  

Audio-visual recording of the session