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Statement of the Office of the Prosecutor regarding recent visit of the Prosecutor to Doha, Qatar

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court ("ICC" or the "Court"), Mrs Fatou Bensouda undertook a private visit to Doha, Qatar on the weekend of 8-9 of July 2017.  Notwithstanding the fact that the ICC Office of the Prosecutor promptly provided ample clarifications to the media regarding the visit, the matter continues to generate public and media speculation.   

 In the interests of clarifying the public record, the Office of Prosecutor of the ICC confirms that the Prosecutor was recently in Doha on the weekend of 8th of July on a private visit.  During her stay in Doha, the Prosecutor was approached and ultimately held courtesy meetings with Qatari officials at their request on Sunday, the 9th of July.   

 During the said meetings, the Prosecutor and the authorities discussed cooperation between the State of Qatar and her Office, and raising awareness about international criminal justice and international humanitarian law, generally.  At no time did the Prosecutor express a position on the current situation in the sub-region.   The Prosecutor does not comment on political matters or any other matter unrelated to her mandate whether in this or any other situation, as per her consistent practice and that of the Office.  

 As a general remark, the Prosecutor and her Office act independently and impartially in the exercise of the ICC's prescribed mandate strictly as set by the Rome Statute.  

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Source : Office of the Prosecutor