Public Redacted Version of “Prosecution’s submissions regarding Thomas Lubanga’s second sentence review”, 14 September 2017, ICC-01/04-01/06-3368-Conf


18 September 2017 | Office of the Prosecutor | Submission

Case: The Prosecutor v. Thomas Lubanga Dyilo
Situation: Situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Filed during the Art. 110 Sentence Review phase


Document: English (578.25 KB | 11 Pages)

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21 September 2017, Version publique expurgée de la « Réponse de la Défense concernant le deuxièmeexamen de la question de la réduction de la peine de Thomas Lubanga Dyilo »déposée le 21 septembre 2017 (612.38 KB | 7 Pages)
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