Decision concerning the trial commencement date, the date for final prosecution disclosure, and summonses to appear for trial and further hearings


13 March 2013 | Trial Chamber IV | Decision

Case: The Prosecutor v. Abdallah Banda Abakaer Nourain
Situation: Situation in Darfur, Sudan

Filed during the Trial phase


Document: English (0.74 MB | 16 Pages)

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25 January 2013, Public Redacted Version of the "Submission of the Registrar pursuant to 24 bis of the Regulation of the Court concerning the possible date for the commencement of the Trial"(ICC-02/05-03/09-434-Conf-Exp) filed on 20 December 2012 (0.51 MB | 14 Pages)
ICC-02/05-03/09-434-Red | Registrar