Guest Lectures



Dr Timo de Rijk and Tomas van den Heuvel: “The Design of the Third Reich”
Dr Yudan Tan: "The Rome Statute as Evidence of Customary International Law"
Michael Scharf - Contributions and Impact of Ad Hoc Tribunals on International Criminal Law
Cara Pronk-Jordan: "Kouwenhoven Prosecution: a Dutch Businessman and his Role in Taylor's Crimes"
Catherine Kessedjian: “Women in International Law”
Dr. Geoff Dancy: "Designing Indicators: How to Assess the ICC’s Performance"
Prof. Tim McCormack: "Cyber Warfare & the Tallinn Manual 2.0"
Jean Allain: "Revisiting the Crime of Enslavement 20 Years On"
Anthea Roberts: "Is International Law International?"
Leila Sadat: "An Analysis of the ILC’s Draft Articles on Crimes Against Humanity."
Hester van Bruggen and Ward Ferdinandusse: “Incitement to Genocide: a Case in a National Court”
Elisabeth Jean Wood: "Rape in Armed Conflict: Patterns and Typologies"
Dr Agnieszka Jachec-Neale - "Military Objectives and Targeting Practices"
E. Kofi Abotsi: "Localising International Criminal Justice in Africa: A bottom Up Model for the ICC in Africa"
Richard Steinberg: "Consequences of Accountability - Recent Research on the ICC’s Impact"
Nobuo Hayashi: Military Necessity in International Criminal Trials
Ben Schoenmaker: Oude Waalsdorperweg - A Dune with a Rich Military Past
Professor Maurits Berger: Islamic Law and Human Rights
John Hocking: The Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals - the first five years
Dr Boaz Cohen: Work with Child Survivors of the Holocaust - Relevance for Today
Olivia Swaak-Goldman: Mandate and Work of the Wildlife Justice Commission
Professors Paul Mevis and Jan Reijntjes: “Trying Kaiser Wilhelm – For What, and How?”
Denis Mukwege: Screening The Man who Mends Women, the Wrath of Hippocrates
Prof. Alette Smeulers, Dr. Barbora Hola and Dr. Maartje Weerdesteijn: The Selection of Situations by the ICC
Professor James G Stewart: "The Pillage of Natural Resources"