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A new Case Matrix service is now available online in Arabic, English, French and Spanish


A new Case Matrix service has been made freely available online. It provides a database of structured information on international criminal law and can be used in capacity development and to manage case files and evidence. Whereas the ICC Legal Tools Database (http://www.legal-tools.org/) gives access to more than 68,000 documents in international criminal law, the Case Matrix (http://www.casematrixnetwork.org/icc-case-matrix/) provides access to more than 7,600 A4 pages of quotations from such documents organised on the basis of the elements of the crimes in the ICC Statute. More than 950 of these pages are now available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

Content in the Case Matrix does not necessarily represent views of the ICC, any of its Organs or any parties or participants in proceedings before the ICC. The Case Matrix has contributed conceptually to the practice of in-depth evidence analysis at the Court. An earlier version of the Case Matrix has been presented and introduced in criminal justice agencies and non-governmental organisations in various countries over the last years. This has contributed to capacity development and served as a catalyst for further IT and law innovation and development in the areas of international criminal and human rights law.

The Case Matrix is a service of the ICC Legal Tools Project, supported by the European Union, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands. A large team of volunteers has contributed to the new Case Matrix service, including the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, International Criminal and Humanitarian Law Clinic of Laval University, University of Oslo, University of Ottawa, Canadian Center for International Justice, Europäische EDV Akademie des Rechts, and the Initiative for International Criminal Law and Human Rights.

Users are encouraged to provide feedback for further improvement of this public service. Comments can be e-mailed to: info@casematrixnetwork.org.

For further information, please contact: OTPNewsdesk@icc-cpi.int