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ICC commissions an independent external review of the allegations of sexual assault


The Registrar of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has commissioned an independent external review of the allegations of sexual assault of four individuals under the ICC’s protection programme by a former staff member working in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This decision follows the completion of an initial internal inquiry that was announced on 12 April 2013. The ICC is determined to address the serious allegations concerned with great rigor and transparency.

The results of the initial internal inquiry confirmed the seriousness of the allegations and the need for more detailed investigation of the surrounding circumstances. Furthermore the incident highlighted operational and organizational issues that require more in-depth review. The Court is already in the process of implementing operational changes pending the outcome of the independent review.

Composed of four highly-qualified specialists with extensive experience at a national and international level in the relevant areas the Review team is mandated to establish all facts and circumstances surrounding the allegations of sexual crimes against the four individuals and to identify all responsible persons, including those responsible for exercising managerial oversight over the suspected perpetrator.  It will also provide an analysis of the nature and sufficiency of the Court’s response to the allegations. Finally, the independent Review team will provide an analysis of and recommendations for the Court’s victim and witness protection systems.

The results of the external review will be submitted to the ICC Registrar. A public version, giving due consideration to the requirement to ensure protection of all victims and witnesses of the Court, will be provided to the President of the Assembly of the States Parties, Ambassador Tiina Intelmann, and will be publicised.

President Intelmann welcomed the announcement by the Registrar of the establishment of the Independent Review Team with a broad and comprehensive mandate. Furthermore, she expressed the hope that the outcome of the external review would include tangible steps to ensure that the Court’s policy of zero tolerance of any type of misconduct of such nature is strictly enforced. 

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