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Statement of the Prosecutor on the Agreement on the Creation of a Special Jurisdiction for Peace in Colombia

Today, I have learned of the latest developments in Havana where the Government of Colombia and the FARC-EP have jointly taken a significant step towards ending the decades-long armed conflict in the country.  Any genuine and practical initiative that achieves this laudable goal, while paying homage to justice as a critical pillar of sustainable peace, is of course welcomed by my Office. Our hope is that the agreement reached by the parties on the creation of a Special Jurisdiction for Peace in Colombia does just that.  I note with optimism that the agreement excludes the granting of any amnesty for war crimes and crimes against humanity, and is designed, amongst others, to end impunity for the most serious crimes.

The Office will carefully review and analyse the agreed provisions in detail as part of its on-going preliminary examination of the situation in Colombia. To this end, my Office will be engaging in extensive consultations with the Government of Colombia and other stakeholders, including victims and relevant civil society organisations

Source : Office of the Prosecutor